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Danish and the languages.

We use Virtual classes. Be it across the computer or in Virtual reality to create interactive lessons for our children. When we talk about literature, fiction and non-fiction alike we often interpret our stories differently and each person will contextualise the contents of a piece of writing subjectively. Much like physical interactions. The effect of writing, when magnified through a lens that is aware of how perspective in literature is a driving factor of understanding, is incredibly fascinating.

Our in-house development focuses their efforts on how virtual reality can be used to influence perspective. We ask questions like; How can students interact in a fictitious world? To what extent can we develop experiences that engage the student while enabling them to develop their perspective. How can we aid the teachers by developing the right setting? Etc..








Examples of our work:

We are proud to be the market leaders in Denmark, and hope that more schools hop on board. From the start we have offered schools experiences that have enabled student to accesses our different educational apps. For example: 


    • Meet H.C. Anderson (Beta) in Odense, his birthplace and have a digital/virtual version of him talk to students, they are also able to explore a small area around his house. In which we have created a historically accurate town infrastructure.
    • The Klods and The Princesses (Alpha) in this Application, students will be able to spectate and interact in a fictitious world created by H.C. Anderson, in his famous story Klods Hans. From level design to character design. From voice overs and character interactions our team are working extensively to create a true on of a kind experience. Where students can now “live” in the world of Klods Hans.
    • A Monster Calls: Nightmare (Beta) Monster by Patrick Ness is a great book which uses great level of detail and Imagery. After a school had ordered the books development we were intrigued by the scenes and level of detail which we can add. Our team was challenged. How does someone recreate a nightmare in Virtual Reality? But we took on the challenge and the school was in awe. We recreated Connors experience. Most importantly we managed to get across an extremely important aspect that can be extremely hard to get across through pen and paper. Empathy. Empathy for Connor’s situation, but even harder the empathy for the monster.

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to create and develop experiences for schools and students so that every school has accesses to the Media we produce. We focus on educucating teachers so that we can empower them in the next generations education.

Our Vision

A world with focus on quality of education, through creating experiences that transcend the normal-methods of education. We aim to have everyone become a part of the greater upcoming wave and shifting the focus to how technology and VR can be used in the classroom.

We focus a lot on how Virtual Lessons can deepen the level of understanding students have, providing an extra measure to support and contextualise what they learn from books.

Mohamad El-Saadi – Founder, Dev Lead

When we are creating the art for our educational apps, we always aim to provide meaning through our art and create a world that is unmistakably realistic in the moment.

Magnus Alf – Art Director

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Our Team

Mohamad El-Saadi

Mohamad El-Saadi

Founder and Development Leader

Magnus Alf

Magnus Alf

Art Director

Ahmad Bilal

Ahmad Bilal

Digital Manager

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